Franck was born in Phoenix, Arizona on 12th May 1959. He died suddenly at 53 years old, on July 2012.

He was a kind and loving dad, husband and brother. He always was available for his closes. He was a force of nature, a sportsman and we still asking why he goes so early.

When we think about him, we will remember his jokes, his voices, sweet and quiet, very surprising for a man big as him! My father was a big fan of hockey and also a good player. This last summer with him will stay in our memory like the most beautiful and funny summer. Those holidays with you, dad, were to short, but as usual you could fill it with memories of laughter, photos.

My dad was a loyal friend and colleague, and they all will remember you. Franck was a very special person and he will always be remembered with love and pride by all his friends and family.

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